“Team 8“ Sailing Boat - The New Dimension in Sailing Training Education for schools, clubs and hotels

The “Team 8” is a unique compact sailing boat for team-oriented education with up to 8 people, which combines fitness for beginners, safety and quality with the fascination of an amazing performance of a fast modern yacht.

In 2005 Mr. Dirk Lindenau entrepreneur and shipbuilder in the city of Kiel and Andreas Meyer-Bohe, Professor for ship design at the Kiel University of Applied Sciences founded the company “KYDG” with the target to support team-oriented sail education. The KYDG benefits from the excellent technical and pedagogical resources of the maritime network in Kiel, which is one of the most famous sailing places in the world, particularly because of the famous Sailing Event: Kiel Week.

Based on extensive market research it was found out, that there do not exist a modern sailing boat in which the teacher is on the same board with the pupils and at the same time having a capacity of nine crew members.

Therefore we decided to develop such a boat in Kiel, applying scientific methods, supported by the pedagogical and technical institutes of our 2 top universities. Today, nine “Team 8” boats are sailing off the coasts of Schleswig-Holstein and 3 more boats will be added by 2019. Every year these boats meet for a sailing event called “Pupils Cup Day” in order to perform sail match races with mixed crews made up of pupils and representatives out of politics, industry and culture.

With “Team 8” you can offer to your clients the discovery of sailing, the habitats of the sea, unforgettable experience with the forces of nature, team spirit, group integration combined with sporty competition.

The team eight sailing boat is a compact sailing boat providing a capacity for 8 crew members and a coach. It provides simple and easy operation and creates and fast success in learning. It has an extreme performance with high-speed under mainsail and fock. It has excellent maneuvering characteristics under sails and engine. Moreover it is unsinkable with high stability and freeboard with protected seats and safe handling for a crew of beginners. All components are manufactured and supplied by re-known suppliers.

Innovative design

Designed with virtual 3-D computing models

With experimental model tank tests

Hydraulic and arrow dynamic computer simulation

Scientific Kelly optimized building of yielding

Developed in cooperation with the University of applied science in the city of Kiel

Innovative production

With application of sand yielding lightweight construction

With quality control for design and production by classification society DNVGL

Main particulars

Length: 8,25 m

Breadth: 2,70m

Draft: 1,83 m

Sail surface: 32,5 m²

Gennacker surface: 42 m²