The Lindenau-WRS-System

Lindenau WRS-System: The ship-based national turnkey sustainable waste management system for island states and large cities at coasts or at rivers. And it provides a substantial contribution to the elimination of littering of our oceans with plastic.

The German federal foundation of environment DBU promotes a realization study for the Cape Verde islands.

In September 2015 the “Sustainable Development Goals 2030” (SDG-2030) were passed by the United Nations. The United nations are of the opinion that a sustainable waste management is of fundamental importance for:

-Health, life quality and the income of people, especially the pool,

-Protection of the environment and the efficient and sustainable use of resources as well as

-The drastic reduction of greenhouse gases and thus for climate protection

-Protection of the oceans from littering with plastic

Several international unions like G-7, G20 priories these goals as desirable and illegible for promotion.

Since 2009 Dirk Lindenau operates two engineering and project development enterprises.

A goal of these enterprises is to develop, to manufacture and to operate from Germany for the world maritime environmental protection systems. In the context of market analyses it was stated that countries in particular in Asia, Africa and South America are facing significant structural, logistic and financial challenges in respect to materialize a sustainable waste management systems as an entire infrastructure solution. As most of these countries cannot afford a waste management system the standard of these countries is passed around many decades behind from Germany.

Therefore the Lindenau team has developed and projected in cooperation with specialist from the maritime and environmental industry the Lindenau-WRS-System as a ship-based national turnkey sustainable waste management system for island states and large cities at coasts or at rivers.

The basic conditions for an island nation are completely different than for example on the European continent. As 70% of the world population lives at rivers and coasts or on more than 100,000 inhabited islands states, ships may form the basis of an integrated waste management system for this huge market potential.

Tourism industry is for many island states the only source of income for the population as well as the most important factor for the economic and social development. Additional and locally atypical waste streams are steered by the tourism industry on the islands. The associated challenges to logistic and sustainable waste management can be mastered best with ships.

The WRS-System for Cape Verde

In cooperation with the Government of Cape Verde –represented by the Ministry of environment and habitat a ship based national waste management system has been developed and projected by the Lindenau team. Based on a substantial waste analyses an entire waste processing and -technology has been designed. This technology is located on board of two converted ships.

And these ships are permanently moored at the quay in the port of Praia of the island Santiago. In order to transport the waste from the other eight inhabited islands to these processing ships, a weekly circulating additional waste collecting ship belongs to the system, which can also be operated as a supply vessel.

PPP and Financing scheme for the WRS-System.

In cooperation with the KFW development bank a private public partnership (PPP) operator concept was developed being the base for financing. This represents the base and frame conditions for long-term contracts between public partners on the Cape Verde islands and the private project partners.

As a result a waste management system has been developed based on ships being operated at long-term period in the framework of a private public partner system.

On this basis the finance plan was developed which shows the income that can be generated yearly from the sale of electricity, portable water and composts produced by the waste processing plant installed on board of the above mentioned ships.

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