Our oceans- the largest waste dump site of the world

At least 140 million tons at plastic are already in our oceans and seas. Further 10 Mio. t arrive annually in addition.

80% of the wastes arriving annually in into our oceans from shore while 20% comes from the sea (shipping industry, fishing industry, offshore industry and leisure industry).

Lindenau at Kiel, Germany

Dirk Lindenau is an entrepreneur and shipbuilder from North Germany. With an experienced background of more than 36 years in the shipbuilding industry he founded in 2009 the engineering and project developing company Lindenau Maritime Engineering & Projecting (LindenauME&P).

German Engineering For Healthy Oceans

The German environmental industry stands worldwide for the highest environmental protection standard. The success model of the German waste cycle economy is model for the entire world. A synergy from both industrial sectors is the objective of the Kiel based entrepreneur Dirk Lindenau.