German engineering for healthy oceans

The German Maritime industry sectors are worldwide known for its innovations: e.g. the Lindenau shipyard in Kiel has designed and build 1976 the first double hull tanker which made a substantial contribution to the safe and economic transport of petroleum products and chemicals. Since double hull tankers regulations became mandatory oil accidents worldwide significantly decreased.

The German environmental industry stands for the highest environmental protection standard worldwide. The success model of the German waste cycle economy is model for the entire world. A synergy from both industrial sectors is the objective of the Kiel based entrepreneur Dirk Lindenau.

The solution to develop a maritime environmental protection system and to build and operate them is new for the industrial nation Germany. Up to now there was no strategical cooperation between the maritime sector and the environmental sector. It is the intention to combine these highly innovative and competent sectors to a synergy industry in order to develop and operate: Maritime environmental protection technologies and systems.

With the development of a completely new market segment which comprises of a new network of excellence shall be created consisting of high qualified jobs in the Maritime sector and in the environmental industry sector. The maritime environmental protection industry will create new jobs, secure existing jobs and will create a market projection beyond that by the development of unique selling propositions.

On the basis of the know-how of both aforementioned industry sectors substantial contribution shall be made to renaturation the conditions of our oceans from Kiel, Germany