Our oceans - the largest waste dump site of the world

At least 140 million tons of plastic are already in our oceans and seas. Further 10 Mio. t additionally arrives annually.

80% of these wastes come from shore while 20% comes from the sea (shipping industry, fishing industry, offshore industry and leisure industry).

Lindenau at Kiel, Germany

Lindenau Maritime Engineering & Project thing is a maritime engineering company in Germany and ideally located in the city of Kiel, North Germany. Lindenau has the background of more than 36 years of experience in the development, design and delivery of specialized ships for worldwide clients. One key field of activity is the development, construction and operation of environmental protection systems for our oceans.

German engineering for healthy oceans

The German Maritime industry sectors are worldwide known for its innovations: e.g. the Lindenau shipyard in Kiel has designed and build 1976 the first double hull tanker which made a substantial contribution to the safe and economic transport of petroleum products and chemicals. Since double hull tankers regulations became mandatory oil accidents worldwide significantly decreased.